Warranty & Policies

Coveridge Corporation - DBA - B&T Used Auto Parts Warranty, Returns and Exchange Policy Information

Warranty Coverage & Exclusions

All mechanical parts comes with a Limited 30-Days Warranty from the date of purchase, unless an extended warranty is purchased or given by the store and shown on the original invoice. Warranty Formats are 30, 60 or 90 Days, that depends on the price or the store. Electrical Parts, Items sold as an “extra sale” or “miscellaneous” or “as is” these sales are entitled as “Final Sale” and has no Warranty. The warranty is valid for an exchange or store credit only on the part purchased if applicable. Not labor or repair costs at any time. In order to qualify for a warranty claim, the original invoice must be presented. Duplicates, Copies or Pictures will not be accepted. The warranty will be totally voided if the part is broken, tampered with, has missing pieces or the store marks, or heat tabs if applies. The warranty program does not extend coverage to any costs associated with labor or installation that has been paid by the customer or related. As such, these costs will not be recognized, prorated or reimbursed within any way to any customer from the seller / store. The warranty is voided if the part is installed improperly or if the pre-installation procedures are not followed, if the customer wishes to disassemble the part, they must notify the store and receive approval first, doing it with no approval, Automatically Voids the Warranty. The drive-trains & components are sold with Drained Fluids. The customer is responsible for replacing any exterior components and fluids at their own expense, and the store will not provide any coverage or recognition of such expenses or components at any time. METAL/ALUMINUM SHEET CUTS cannot be returned and will not be refunded since they are sold as-is and told to client at the store. The customer assumes all responsibility for damages to any parts purchased from B&T Used Auto Parts, while in their possession. The warranty will be voided if the customer did not pay for the “Core Charge” and does not return their own “Core” within 15 days of the purchase. If the core was paid, the customer must bring their core within 15 days of purchase to receive a refund for the Core Charge. Deposits made that exceed 30 days old are not covered by the warranty, these deposit funds will not be recognized within any way. Parts not been picked up before the warranty period ends, will not be recognized. Store may attempt to contact the customer for this. The merchant will provide mileage of the unit if asked by the buyer, this information cannot be exact. Records of mileage may be given from different origins and may not be exact. The customer agrees to all these terms and accepts this as a condition of purchase. We reserve the right to refuse Any Return or Exchange Any Request that does not meet the above conditions at any time.

Shipping Policy & Information

The customer acknowledges that any shipping costs and fees paid are ‘Non-Refundable’ and will not be recognized within any way.
The customer understands that the merchant does not cover or reimburse any shipping charges at any moment and that every shipping
costs related to the purchase is the sole responsibility of the customer since the merchant is not a shipping company and the shipping
costs are being paid to a third-party shipping company which does not reimburse these funds within any way.
The merchant is not responsible for any damages caused to the product or pallet during the shipment, and customer acknowledges it.
In case of merchandise damaged during shipping, the customer will be assisted and must comply with the merchant with all the
information possible to file this claim, the customer acknowledges that the merchant is not responsible for the outcome of the claim.
The customer must inspect the merchandise upon delivery and report any damages or discrepancies (if any) to the shipping company
and the merchant within 48 hours of receiving the product. Failure to do so, may result in the denial of a claim by the shipping company
and or warranty from the merchant. If the customer requires guidance, the merchant may provide assistance hoping positive outcomes.
The customer must provide Accurate and complete Shipping Information. The merchant is not responsible for any delays or additional
charges resulting from inaccurate or incomplete information, the additional costs if any will be notified and charged to the customer.
The merchant reserves the right to use any shipping carrier and method at its discretion. The customer may request a specific carrier or
shipping method, also packaging if desired but additional fees may be applied from the merchant or carrier to the customer.
The customer acknowledges that if the merchandise is returned, it will be subject to inspection, which can take from 1 to 3 days. After
that inspection period, if the merchandise fulfills the warranty terms, an exchange will be sent out and the customer will be responsible
for paying the shipping costs associated with the exchange unit.
The Customer acknowledges that if for any reason the merchandise needs to be returned for a refund or an exchange, the customer
will be responsible for paying the shipping costs associated with Sending the product back and with Sending the replacement to them.

Returns, Exchanges and Refunds Terms/Information

All Returns, Exchanges or Refunds must be made within 30-Days of the original purchase date. After 30-Days, we will not accept any Returns or Exchanges, and Refunds or Exchanges will not be given . In the case that parts shows an extended warranty coverage, it must be returned before the expiration of the warranty period to qualify for a Return, an Exchange or a Refund on the transaction. In the case of a defective product, we will gladly exchange the part or offer the refund if the item cannot be replaced. If you received a defective product, please contact us immediately, and we will provide you with the return instructions or guidance on this process. ALL Sales or Refunds are subject to a 25% Restocking Fee, which is necessary and it will be used to cover our labor and employee costs. This fee will be stated as labor and employee costs, and is non-negotiable. No exceptions will be made at any moment. If the customer wishes to exchange or return a part, the part must be in the same condition as it was received. If the part is broken, tampered with, missing pieces, disassembled or missing store painting marks, the warranty will be voided, and the customer will not qualify for any refunds or exchanges, no exceptions. The warranty will be voided if ‘Heat Tabs’ on the Engines or Transmissions are blown, missing or tampered with in any way, and the original paint marks from the store must be present, and cannot be missing, along with the Original Hardware & Wiring. ALL SHEET METAL/ALUMINUM CUTS will not be returned or exchanged, these are sold AS-IS and will not be recognized at any time.